We build regenerative Eco Villages to make the transition to modern, happier & sustainable living communities more accessible to everyone, increasing quality of life, saving money, providing more affordable housing while reducing impact on the planet so that it may be enjoyed 4 generations to come.


What is an "Eco Village"?

An Eco Village is a modern community where people live more socially connected, achieving a higher standard of living and saving money through the efficiencies of sharing & pooling resources, a higher quality of life through regular positive social connection & compassion, holistically integrating progressive and tried & tested traditional community and human values, while building resilience to the global uncertainties of climate change; natural, social and economic disasters while regenerating social and natural environments.

"The Fifth Sacred Thing" by Jessica Perlstein

What makes 4GEN Villages unique?

Our Eco Villages place Community as being the most important aspect of a village, combining technology, art, and a magical sense of connection to help socially engineer compassionate & sustainable communities by engaging the latest progressive and open source design tools from all around the globe, delightfully making the process of transition appealing and accessible to everyone.


smarter cities

A fresh, pragmatic approach to sustainability, community and technology within village living models at every urban level.

our vision

To build the Ultimate in Eco Villages while embracing open-source, compassion and true freedom.

To progress the western living model, adopting emerging practices and progressive ideals, and re-installing a few classic village principles, to help make life better for humankind.

our goal

To achieve virality for building 144,000 Eco Villages by 2050, so that we can reach a more sustainable planet by 2100. The model is based on the “fractal", the endlessly repeating mathematical pattern.

(Source: Simon Bull, "Evolutionary Living Project")


To progress the western living paradigm to more sustainable communities, popularly known as Eco Villages, demonstrating and introducing these principles to the mainstream in an accessible, attractive and viable way.

4GEN Villages

Our Products

Polkadot Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses &
Sustainable Living

New Leaf

Multi Generational Eco Retirement Villages

Bloc - Eco Communities

Retro-Fitting Suburban Blocks

Off The Grid

Freshly-Built Eco Villages

Eco Nomads

The Modern Movement for Nomadic Global Villagers


The Ultimate in Eco Village Design

Events 4GEN

Fund-Raising & Community Building


Twelve Principles of Eco Villages





Please feel welcome to contact us, enquire about our products & ask any questions about our eco business.


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